"Customized, Quality Craftsmanship"
Velcan Forest Products

Custom Crafted to Suit the Customer

Velcan Forest Products has been a major supplier of lumber products for over the GTA and surrounding area for over three decades. During that time, Velcan continues to offer more products of the highest quality from our extensive lumber supply to our engineered floor and wall systems.

Premium Grade Lumber for a First Class Finish

Velcan Forest Produvts Inc.By operating our own lumber facility, Velcan assures the finest grades of wood right from the source. Our extensive inventory offers you a wide range of options. In addition, we handle all shipping with our new fleet of trucks. As a result, working with Velcan means prompt deliveries and projects that remain on schedule.

Wall and Floor Panel Systems

Velcan Forest Produvts Inc.Velcan Forest products offers engineered floor and wall panel systems that are built to your specifications. Working from your architectural plans, detailed layouts are created that are clearly labeled and easy to follow for a smooth installation.

Each panel is built to precise detail in a fully automated manufacturing plant to assure each panel is built to precise standards.

Wall Panels

Velcan Forest Produvts Inc.Each wall panel component is subjected to a rigorous quality control inspection before leaving the production facility. Each wall panel component is labeled according to the layouts, sequentially loaded onto trailers and coded for a quick and smooth installation at the job site.

Engineered Floor Systems

Velcan offers an engineered floor system like no one else can. Each component is carefully designed and engineered to suit your project requirements, ensuring maximum material efficiency and ease of installation.

Velcan Forest Produvts Inc.Our design professionals will prepare detailed layout drawings from your Architectural plans. Careful consideration is given to the location of mechanical services such as toilet flanges, HVAC ducts, pipes and exhaust fans thus minimizing damage and
re-work by site rough-in crews.